Weekend Trip to Hong Kong

I have wanted to visit Hong Kong for so long now and it’s hard to believe that after three years of living in china I have only just made the trip! So what did I get up to? We had booked a hotel by the Jordan metro station in the Tim Sha Tsui part of... Continue Reading →

Save the bunnies!

  Since living in China I have learnt many “Chinese” facts, and I use quotation marks for good reason, these facts are often seem to be a little unreliable and somewhat ridiculous.  However last week I encountered the most unbelievable fact to date. A young student of mine had brought a rabbit to school, she... Continue Reading →

Hangzhou – My Chinese Hometown

Hangzhou, China is the place that I have been calling home for the past 3 years. More specifically my Chinese home, I would never hear the end of it if my mother knew I referred to china as my home. Hangzhou is located in the southeast of China in the Zhejiang province, of which it... Continue Reading →

Welcome back to me!

Today marks exactly 925 days since I last posted an entry, but more importantly today marks the final countdown for my time in China. 100 days from today my final contract will expire and I will have to leave China the final time. So….. what better time to revisit this site and try to gather... Continue Reading →

Well…. It’s been a while since I have posted anything and now seems to be a good time for an update. I left Yantai 28th July to return home for some well-earned home cooked food, a comfy bed and fun times with family and friends. The first two weeks flew by, I attended the obligatory... Continue Reading →

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