Top 10 Travel Moments of 2017

After my previous post I realised that I’d travelled a fair bit last year and I went to some incredible places. So here are my top 10 travel moments from 2017:

1. New Year’s Day in Amsterdam, it was great to ring in the New Year in a different country. This was also the first new country in Europe that I’d visited for over three years.

2. Watching the sun rise over the temples in Bagan, Myanmar,I have seen many sunsets in my life but not so many sunrises and this one was absolutely beautiful. I will struggle to find one as impressive as this one.

3. Bathing with elephants in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I had already seen elephants up close in India, but this encounter was amazing. We could feed them and stroke them and then we all went down to the river for a mud bath. Truly an amazing experience.

4. Spending an idyllic week on Koh Rong, Cambodia.

5. Climbing Huangshan mountains in China. Also known as the Yellow mountains, it was nice after a bad few weeks with pollution to leave the city and breathe in all the fresh air.

6. Finally getting to see Hong Kong. After living in China for nearly 4 years I had always wanted to visit but there was always a reason why I couldn’t make it.

7. Going to the gambling capital of Asia, Macau. Wandering around Macau knowing your in Asia, but it looks and feels like you’re in Portugal. It was a bizarre feeling.

8. Tokyo – My first trip to Japan and I loved it, can’t wait to go back.

9. Partying with friends in Ibiza, need I say anymore?

10. Returning to Paris after 10 years with my best friend who speaks fluent french and knows her way around like the back of her hand!

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My aim for this year is to try to travel as much as possible, while juggling my masters and working full time. I know I won’t be able to travel as much as I did last year but I have so many memories and at least I can to write about them on my blog. Stay Tuned!


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