30 Days Left in China!

1st June marks my last 30 days in China.

My adventure in China started in February 2014. There have been both highs and lows since I arrived, but for the most part I have had an amazing time. I have mixed feelings about leaving China. I feel like the time is right to leave me school, but as the end gets closer I am starting to feel sad about leaving. There is also the small question, about what I’m going to do when I get home?

My last day will be 5th July as I will spend a few days in Japan, which is still a month away, but I know that the time will fly by. This will be a busy month with the end of the semester, packing, saying goodbyes and all the final times that I will have.

I am going to try to post a little more about my last month in China and I’m sure that they will be quite emotional posts, as I leave the security of my school and familiar surroundings here and head back home to the next unknown stage in my life.


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