Tokyo Here I Come!!

A week today I will go on my last trip in Asia, probably for some time as I will head back to England. I will go to Japan and spend the week in Tokyo, I would love to stay for longer but due to commitments at home I can only go a short trip. I... Continue Reading →


Graduation Party: The End Is Nigh!

Last weekend was the graduation party for my final year students. This year group have a special place in my mind as these were the students that started at the school the same year I did. Their last day at school was at the end of April and that was quite an emotional day for... Continue Reading →

Macau: The Vegas of Asia

Another week gone, another trip taken. This time my school was closed for the formidable Gaokao which is the university entrance exam and all students wishing to attend university in China must sit the exams. This is serious busy, security is tight and police monitor the schools. Fortunately for me, my school is a test... Continue Reading →

30 Days Left in China!

1st June marks my last 30 days in China. My adventure in China started in February 2014. There have been both highs and lows since I arrived, but for the most part I have had an amazing time. I have mixed feelings about leaving China. I feel like the time is right to leave me... Continue Reading →

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