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I just want to interrupt my more traditional posts about travelling to share with you what I got up to at the weekend The Color Run! Now I have heard about the Color run, but have never been in the right time at the right place to take part. This year that was different! The run has been expanding its location over the past year and it first came to China last year.

As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to take part, not because I am a fitness freak, I just wanted to get covered in paint, I mean who wouldn’t! The next issue was who could I recruit for this? I am the only full time foreign female at my school, so my female friendship group is quite limited, and I couldn’t really imagine the guys I hang out with being completely enamoured with the idea. However, as the longest serving foreign teacher at the school, I have somewhat turned into the event manager/mother, so as any natural leader would do, I presented them with all the advantages of the events and just went ahead and booked it anyway!

01fb9a8bbcd39e364b8420aeb117b7423b62d4551cSaturday morning we headed out early to take the hours ride to the event ground. The team – Houses Hooligans consisted of four people, as you can see in the picture. I bought all of us fairy wings and wands…reliving my childhood somewhat or just to jazz up our appearance! We met up with a group of girls who were also sporting tutus, so both groups complemented one another perfectly. Before the race and after a quick toilet stop there was just one thing left to do…GLITTER!! If you can imagine the scene 6 girls and 4 boys showering in glitter and spraying it anywhere possible! The local Chinese people couldn’t get enough of this and we had to stop for what felt like 100s of photos!


The race itself was quite easy, and that’s coming from a person who struggles to get to the gym! It is only 5k long so we completed the race in a short time, it was a mixture of running and walking! At the startline one of my students had found me and as none of his friends wanted to join him (WHATTT!! WHY??!) I told him to run with us, only he wasn’t that interested in running all the way, so naturally I accompanied him and walked part of the race!!  At each of the kilometre markers there is also a paint station, where crowds are waiting to spray you with paint. It’s funny to see how different people handle these areas, some people rolled in the paint while others tried to run away from it! I opened my arms and ran straight into the paint, hoping to get as much on me as possible!

0122992dd77ec2ce6d1d71f467bf6512335fac9220After finishing the race everyone is awarded with a unicorn medal and then you are free to enter the “after party” area. For my friends and I this was another photo opportunity for the masses! It might sound mean, but I will take picture with one or two people but when the requests are continuous it becomes a little tedious. After getting covered in even more paint and dancing away to the Dj, we made a quick exit.

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I was really impressed with the event, often things that work well in other countries don’t always go to plan in China, but this was not the case! I had such a fun day, I mean I spent the day with my friends covered in paint and an unimaginable amount of glitter, who wouldn’t have an awesome day! And they do say it’s the happiest 5k on the planet, so if The Color Run comes to a town near you, go on join in the fun!

One last thing…I will be finding pieces of glitter for the next 6 months!!



5 thoughts on “Cover Me in Glitter – The Color Run

  1. where in china was the color run? I went a couple of years in Hong Kong and had a KILLER time…and then i saw on the news the fire that happened in Taiwan…haha got spooked ever since..anyways judging from the pictures it seems like you also had a good time! Happy travels!

    1. Yea it was awesome. The race was in Hangzhou, I think they are expanding the event year by year.

      1. You don’t think Hangzhou is easy to get to? You can get there from Shanghai in around 5o minutes!

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