Hong Kong I’m coming for you…finally!! 

I have been living in China since 2014 and I still haven't been to Hong Kong. I have however, passed through the airport on about 6 different occasions! But, today is the day...I am finally going to Hong Kong and I will actually get to see more than just the airport!! I am extremely excited!!... Continue Reading →


Escape to yellow mountain (Huangshan)!

This weekend was Qing Ming festival in China, which meant a long weekend and time for trip. Myself and 3 colleagues decided to take a break from the city and head out into the countryside.  As with many Chinese holidays you, get an extra day or two off, but have to work over the weekend.... Continue Reading →

Save the bunnies!

  Since living in China I have learnt many “Chinese” facts, and I use quotation marks for good reason, these facts are often seem to be a little unreliable and somewhat ridiculous.  However last week I encountered the most unbelievable fact to date. A young student of mine had brought a rabbit to school, she... Continue Reading →

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