End of the semester

I have neglected my blog over the past few week as time seems to have just disappeared, so here’s a quick update…..

My teaching semester came to an end at the beginning of this month. What a semester it has been!

Considering this was my first teaching gig I would like to think that it went quite well. I was sad to leave some of my classes and absolutely thrilled to leave others, thankfully this was only one class. I have learnt a great deal over the past few months and will take this information with me wherever I end up next.

I will be sad to let the majority of my students go as I have built strong relationships with many of them. For some of them they couldn’t understand why teacher Joanna would not return after the summer holidays. For these students I can only hope that my replacement will care for them the way that I have.

As I write this I am fresh from a well deserved trip to Xi’an and Chengdu. I have also just finished day 5 of 12 at my summer camp. Both of these things I will post about when I am not editing scripts or putting dance moves to Justin Biebers Baby arrrhhhh!!!

Until next time here are some snaps of me and my students!











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