Million dollar question!


My time in China is rapidly coming to an end. In some ways it feels like I have been here for an eternity and at other times I don’t know where the last few months have gone!

Now is the time to plan my next move, which is easier, said than done! People keep asking me what I’m going to do next and that really is the million dollar question! For me I have made the decision to stay in Asia, not necessarily China but maybe Hong Kong.

 Around a month ago I uploaded my CV to a few teaching websites in order to start the dreaded job search and was completely overwhelmed with the amount of emails I received. I would like to say that this was a positive response but in all honesty it wasn’t at all. Some of the emails that I received gave me no information about the schools but wanted me to speak with them immediately while others were prepared to offer me a position having never spoken with me and only knowing what they read on my CV. Coming from England where you are made to jump through hoops to even get one interview it all seems crazy to me!

I consider myself to be free spirited person which isn’t the best quality when you have to try and decide where you actually want to go next. The only think that I’m sure of is that I would like to go to a bigger city and ideally work in a school where I don’t have to work all day every weekend. As for the other details I am open to anything whether its a school or a training centre.

As it stands today I have been offered what I consider to be two serious positions. By serious I mean I’ve spoken with a contact at the school several times and they didn’t just offer me the position because I can speak English.

The first is in Ciudad Real, Spain working in a private school that teaches both children and adults. I have spoken with the owner of the school and she seems to be a lovely women but I don’t think I will accept this offer as its only 4-9 pm Monday – Friday. It sounds ideal but I am a person that likes to be kept busy and I feel that the city is just too quiet and I worry that I will get bored quickly.

The second is with a private language school called Monkey Tree in Hong Kong. I would like to accept this position as I would love to spend time in Hong Kong but I have my reservations after reading both good and bad reports online.

 Now I just don’t know what to do! Take a risk and go to Hong Kong? Stay in China?  or go back to England and start over? I tend to jump into things head first and then think about things after, this time I am trying not to do this. I receive emails that just sound too good to be true and my own intuition tells me to avoid these places like the plague. I also know that I will avoid places that start speaking to me every time I log onto Skype! The more you harass me the less likely I am to come and work for you!!

So I will now return to my emails where I will file each email under the good, the bad and the ugly, either that or I will bang my head against a wall! Any tips or advice that anyone has or more than welcome as I continue to battle my way through the minefield that is job hunting in Asia.


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