Travel Companion

When you decide to leave the country its always nice to have a friendly face to come with you.

Initially I was coming to China alone and I was prepared to do so however, one of my best friends little sister decided to take the plunge with me.


Helen, Helens sister Rachel and myself a few nights before we left England.

 Helen, age 23, lover of Coca Cola and mash potato, victim of Gluten attacks!

Hangzhou 146

Today marks our 86th day in China and apart from a few hours here and there we have spent pretty much all of our time together. We live together, we work together, we eat together and we socialise together.  I am happy to report that during all this time we are yet to have an major arguments or disagreements that resulted in either one of us storming out of the room. Having known Helen and her family since she was only ten years old, its safe to say we know one another pretty well.

Peoples first impressions of us are that we are sisters, mainly because we are both blonde haired and blue eyed!! The fact that we are joined at the hip doesn’t detract from this idea or the fact that we share one Chinese number between the two of us!  As much as we spend the majority of our time together we still have very different personalities and interests so it can be infuriating when the Chinese people in our office and more annoyingly the other Western teachers get our names mixed up.

During our time we have laughed, we have been close to tears, we have been close to pulling our hair out but more importantly we have not wasted the time we have had in China. We realise that as much as we miss our family and friends at home that we are both lucky to be having this experience.  In reality life goes on without us in the north of England and other than those treasured moments with family and friends we aren’t missing anything. Hopefully we will continue to enjoy ourselves and will make even more memories.


Great wall

Helen and I on a very cold day, half way up the Great Wall of China.


Time for a selfie on the Bund in Shanghai.


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  1. And other than having someone to share a beautiful experience with, it’s also nice to have someone to take photos of you. 😀 Seriously, though, while traveling alone can be good for the soul, journeys are still best when shared with a friend.

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