The Negatives

Up to this moment all of my posts have been about the positive experiences and the things that I have enjoyed during my time in China. The time has now come to share the things I dislike about China and the things that I just simply do not understand. Pushing in the supermarket – I... Continue Reading →


14th February 2014 Valentines Day,  the day to spend with your loved ones, not for me. I arrived into Yantai train station around 7.35am sleep deprived and feeling physically drain from carting my life form Beijing. Yantai… my new home….what did I know about it?  Nothing, zilch, zero, nada!! Everything I knew about it had... Continue Reading →

Travel Companion

When you decide to leave the country its always nice to have a friendly face to come with you. Initially I was coming to China alone and I was prepared to do so however, one of my best friends little sister decided to take the plunge with me. Helen, Helens sister Rachel and myself a... Continue Reading →

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