East meets West in the classroom

               I have always wondered how students learn when they speak one language and the teacher another and now I know, total submersion. The students leave their Chinese voices at the door each and every day they come through the school gates. I work at one of the many... Continue Reading →


Living in fear of small individuals called children!

I have now completed my first 5 weeks of teaching which has absolutely flown past. I feel like I have learnt so much during these initial weeks. I teach children who vary in age from 5 years old right up to 15 years old. I have to admit that teaching children was not my initial... Continue Reading →

Why China?

So here I am just turned 27 and I decided to leave everything behind and move to China for six months. That’s what normal people do isn't it? Since announcing I was upping sticks as the saying goes and moving to china I've had mixed responses, mostly with negative connotations. “Why China?” “Why do you... Continue Reading →

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